Greece is in Southern Europe, and shares a border with Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. With Athens as capital and other famous cities, Greece is a country with an incredible history, of nearly 4 thousand years.  For instance, don’t miss the Parthenon in Athens!

Greek landscapes include a convoluted coastline, dotted with gorgeous beaches. The land is hilly, and it is recommended to wear good walking shoes to do your sightseeing. The country also comprises small islands such as Crete or Rhodes, each one with its treasures to discover.

Each city or village in Greece has a link to the past, whether it is a temple dedicated to Aphrodite, a Venetian fort, or a Byzantine monastery. Don’t forget the museums full of classical sculptures and archaeological treasures.

Food in Greece is abundant and smells good of olive oil. Greek cooking has Italian and Turkish influences. Feta, stuffed vine leaves, wonderful dishes to taste.

Athens is well known for its nightlife. Don't hesitate to visit Bouzoukia, one of the biggest concert halls where famous artists gather together to offer you unforgettable performances. If you are on a Greek island, there is certainly a bar or a club where you can have fun until morning.


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